10 Gods of Gambling in the World Known Over Time

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Give me a slot machine and I will conquer it ”is Glenn Carmichael’s motto- and he is not kidding, he is a potential individual who makes prodigiously clever devices which he uses to profit from playing casino slots.

Cheating His career started in 1980 at the age of 30 t cope when he’s wearing the “tools” to win the jackpot in the numbers. This tool is quite simple is a piece of metal that produces a jackpot when inserted into the coin slot. but soon some casinos smelled of manipulation and immediately replaced their old slot machines with new ones with a generator scrambler scheme.

As a result, Carmichael’s room for action moved to a small casino in Las Vegas and he was finally secured in one of the small casinos where he competed and was sentenced to prison and when he was released, he returned to fighting work with a manipulation scheme he had designed and promoted.

It is almost impossible for security to find people using this equipment because really judi pulsa tanpa rekening subtle tricks have been found, and besides that Carmichael also benefits from selling these “tools” cheats and can even make many of these tools on separate days and sell them. for $ 10,000

In 1996 he was secured for using the “tool”, but the charge was subsequently dropped. But in the next three years he was arrested twice in a casino for possessing a mischievous device, and in 2001 Carmichael was sentenced to probation.

This was the day he consulted and worked with the casino faction and tragically came up with an anti-cheating tool. It would be amazing if because of one of humanity’s potential to conquer slot machines, the entire casino industry would have to make their technology even more complex.

Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio

In the late 90’s law enforcement agencies from several countries, the FBI, Secret Service, and so on, came to Louis Colavecchio’s residence. There they found several thousand counterfeit coin slots made from copies of dozens of real casino coins all over North America.

What makes Colavecchio different from other counterfeiters is that if he can duplicate what is made of metal or precious stones as well as Colavecchio -made coins are exactly as prime as the original coins.

To double casino coins, “The Coin” requires some special equipment that is hard to find such as metal coins / chips made from copper, nickel, and zinc, laser cutting tools to trim and make those coins.

The workmanship of the coins he made was so excellent, if when the coins were brought by the Wernang faction to one of the casinos where Colavecchio often competed, casino security experts were not even sure if the coins were fake. He successfully entered the Las Vegas casino casino before law enforcement had any sense of the action where they saw a huge surplus of coins appearing in the casino. Colavecchio cashed in on the counterfeit coins in immense amounts.

MIT Blackjack Team

Have you ever seen film 21? Did you know that the film is based on a real story? Therefore, perhaps this victory story is the most popular story. Starting from a small club in a university class at The Massachusetts Institute of technology in the mid-90s. One team was made up of a group of genius students who wanted to use a statistical calculation scheme to beat the blackjack game. It has proved successful and they have conquered many casinos.

Starting from borrowing money from the bank, they then immediately went to conquer several casinos in Las Vegas and each week they could win up to 400,000 US Dollars or the equivalent of around 4.8 billion Rupiah.

Their victory was based on the inspiration of Card Counting and amazing teamwork, to get into that only team one person has to go through very rigorous tests and hours must be spent making good cooperation. This MIT team was later discovered in several casinos to European casinos and after having dealt with the law more than once, the original members of this team left. The other students replaced the original members but unfortunately they were discovered and their ‘kingdom’ had to be finished. They were complained if their overall winnings were up to more than 5 million US Dollars or the same as 60 Billion Rupiahs.

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Richard Marcus

The story of how Richard Marcus conquered several casinos is called the Biggest Manipulation in the Casino World. Previously he wanted to be a professional gambler but did not succeed and had to stay under the bridge. Not giving up hope, he ended up getting a job on the other hand, namely becoming a dealer. While he was working as a dealer, the inspiration that would cause chaos in several casinos came to mind.

Simple but has to be done, this trick makes the name of marcus known as an elite naughty gambler. Then what kind of manipulation trick is done? One of his cheats is done at the roulette table, where he will risk 3 chips in the amount of 5 Dollars and so he wins he will shout and make the other excessive expression. What the dealer did not find was among the 3 chips, the lowest was actually a chip priced at $ 500 (around 6 Million Rupiah). If Marcus wins because of that the chip will be shown to the dealer, if he loses he will take back the chip and only pay $ 15. This cheating is in the greater value of chips worth $ 5000 under 3 chips $ 100.

Furthermore, it is planned that he will succeed in winning up to 5 million US dollars or the same as 60 billion rupiahs but is caught and given a sentence in accordance with the applicable law. He then swerves to take the wheel and becomes a casino consultant, but claims he has other naughty tricks that can still be worked on in these days. And the cheating sometimes still applies to online casino gambling

Edward Thorp

Thorp is the father of “card counting”, and he has successfully implemented it in the real world, maybe because he is a doctor.
as well as a math professor

and has a master’s degree in physics, which he clearly has above average intelligence.

So adults in the early 60s, beside Thorp, knew nothing about casino games as well as the world of gambling. But when a colleague, Claude Shannon, took him and his wife to Las Vegas he became interested in blackjack, and after playing often became convinced that there was a mathematical move where the player could benefit.

He studied the game in a systematic way and completely checked each side of the game. Using a computer owned by the college he taught at, he simulated billions of hands blackjack to dig further into the mathematics of the game. This computer is so large that it takes up all the space, but less powerful than today’s laptops. Through counting and scoring he created his system which “counts for the kinds in them (cards) that remain after the individual hand has been overcome”

In essence, he understands that a smaller card is more profitable for the dealer / banker and when a smaller number of cards does not appear on the table in blackjack, because that gives the player / player an advantage, therefore the player should be able to place bets with the amount. which can be bigger, Likewise the large number of cards gives the player more advantage and when the card does not appear on the table because of that the profit changes to the banker or dealer, so that we can decide to bet in an amount that is not large or small, Using this method Thorp calculates if the player can have a 1% to 5% return on the banker.

After gambling exploits, Thorp applied genius math to the stock market as well as made huge fortunes in securities and hedge funds. Because of his dominance over casinos as well as revolutionary thinking, Thorp was one of the first seven inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.