6 Applications That Will Make Travel Cheaper and More Comfortable for You

To wander is life, that is to say, travel is a very important part of our life. Whether it’s for business, vacation, or anything in between, we travel for most of our lives.

By traveling, we may incur unwanted and unplanned expenses; This is where some travel apps come in and make our life easier. 6 This application comes with features such as ordering beforehand; offers free buffet breakfast, hassle-free bookings, zero cancellation policy and very honest reviews built into it to prevent last minute surprises. You get a minimal UI and swipe through seamlessly booking your next trip. Using amazing coupons can even make your pockets situs taruhan bola.

Here we discuss six apps that can make travel cheaper and more convenient for you.

# 1 MakeMyTrip

Makemytrip Inc. (MMT), founded by Deep Kalra in the US sbobet asia market in 2000, has now grown into a large online travel conglomerate, covering international and domestic flights, vacation packages, train and bus tickets to and from anywhere in the world.

There are nearly 10 million app installs so far, and it enjoys a 4.2 rating on Google Playstore with mostly positive reviews.

MakeMyTrip is a one stop solution for all travel needs from booking a room or flight to purchasing an entire holiday travel package.

How does that help? MMT comes with deals and overnight offers that offer incredible discounts on these tickets and bookings. It caters to frequent flyers and those on vacation once every half month.

There is something for everyone, and the new 24 × 7 hotline is simply amazing. They also offer a Pay at Checkout option, which makes MMT even more trustworthy.

Why choose MMT?

What makes the MakeMyTrip App stand out is an easily accessible support section where you can raise issues, suggestions and complaints from within the app. The app offers a beautiful UI with side-by-side comparisons of all flights and the option to sort them by fare and date of departure.

Add to it the exclusive MakeMyTrip flight coupon, which will allow you to save up to Rs 15,000 on your flight booking. Not only that, MMT understands what it means to be a ‘traveler with a tight schedule’. To meet the inconvenience faced by those who have to cancel their flights at the last minute, MMT has introduced a ‘zero cancellation’ policy, wherein you get a full refund of the amount of your ticket booking, even in the case of a last minute cancellation.

You can also use their Refer and Earn offer by inviting a friend to sign up, for which your friend will earn Rs. 1,200 and you get Rs. 600 for each friend, up to Rs. 7000.

# 2 Redbus

Formed in August 2006 with multiple seats from a single bus operator, Redbus has become the most recognized name in the bus travel booking market. It is India’s best platform for online bus tickets and is ranked the most trusted online travel brand according to The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2015. They launched their app in February 2013 and have got 40,000,000 downloads since then with a rating of 4.3 on Google Playstore. . You get tons of deals and coupons as well as amazing discounts for using multiple e-wallets because of their ties to several prestigious e-wallets. It serves multiple bus bookings on almost all inter-city trips in India. What makes it worth checking out is its simplicity and ease of access.

Exclusive Features

Their new ‘Bus Rentals’ section within the app is for ‘extended family’ needs. They recently introduced the ability to use RedBus wallet money on hotel bookings and offer a refreshing 6am check-in capability at no charge. You can also avail 30% discount for bus tickets of Rs. 400 and above, which is the reason to download this excellent application.

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# 3 IRCTC Connect

When you think Indian Railway, you think of IRCTC. It has become one of the best in the business for online travel bookings. One of the first known travel websites, it caters to the needs of all travelers by helping them get through queues and get straight to their seat reservations without the hassle of an agent in between.

The IRCTC Connect app was launched for all platforms in October 2014 and has since had over 10 million downloads, with an average rating of 4.2 / 5 on the Google Play Store.


This application is a must download because it offers Tatkal services on time with a swipe of your finger. You can even order food to be delivered to your individual bed and chair. You can also easily check PNR status from the application itself, which comes from Indian Railways itself is expected to offer par excellence service.

# 4 Oyo’s Room

Started in 2013, Oyo Rooms is a hotel brand that owns and collects standard hotel rooms in 200 cities in India and ensures people receive excellent hospitality services at affordable prices. The middle segment market being the largest market in India has helped Oyo become a sought after brand with time. What makes people so attracted to it is the ease with which they can place orders and cancel them

# 5 Trips Advisor

TripAdvisor is an American travel website that has the belief of ‘Know before you go’. They are not only a pretty good hotel booking platform but also provide very honest reviews and useful content for travel. Their app was launched in October 2013 and is now Editors’ Choice on Google Playstore with a rating of 4.4, which is very impressive.

Benefits of TripAdvisor

Founded in February 2000, they now have 500 million reviews covering the world’s largest travel listings and around 390 million new monthly users.

Being truly user generated, it gives people satisfaction that the ratings and reviews we see are genuine.

This app helps to decide on the perfect hotel by comparing 200+ hotel websites and finding the best and cheapest hotels for us and also suggesting places to visit at the destination. You can also add your review and rating.

# 6 Nearbuy

Nearbuy is an online marketplace platform that provides an end-to-end connection between customers and merchants, basically what your “family agent” would have done in the past.

They launched their iOS app back in April 2013, and an Android app shortly after that now accounts for more than 65% of total revenue and has around 5,000,000 downloads and is rated 4.4 on the Google Playstore. How does that help?

This can be very helpful when traveling to different destinations where you know less or are just spending refreshingly less money on the same merchants you have encountered in your area. This application serves the needs of the Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Film and Events, and Hotel sectors.

You can get incredible discounts and offers right at your fingertips by downloading mobile apps and sports books, spas, restaurants, theme parks and more at gross low prices.

Our Conclusion

Apart from this application, you can also view other applications such as Yatra, Zomato, Google Trips, and others. Even though they can’t make it to the list, they are still as good as the service they provide.

What used to take away street smarts, great communication, and excellent guides or agents in the past, has now come under the fingers of the common man. These applications have completely redefined how we travel now and how confident and planning our journeys are. From flights to overnight stays and meals, everything can be planned.