Basic Aduqq Online Game

Aduqq is a game that is the same as playing a domino qq card or what we often call bandarq, what distinguishes it is in the games that are carried out in it, this is because in playing Aduqq online you must be obliged to have shrewdness and courage to take strong action in the game. , because this game will be very fast to go through, there is a big chance that you will win big in this game and you are less likely to lose if you are good at taking action.

How to Play the Online Aduqq Game

The basis of this aduqq game is also the same as domino qq, which is looking for the highest number or value so you can win the game. The most striking difference in this game superbull is the method, in this game you have to place a nominal bet bet first according to the table number you entered, for example if you enter a 10,000 table game then you will place a bet of 10,000 also on the table, after all players have finished installing, then the dealer will start distributing only 2 cards.

The cards that are distributed are only 2 pieces to pit the biggest cue that you will get in your hand. The qiu you can get is the highest qiu or value with the result of your card combination being a total of 9. For example the first card is a 3/1 circle and the second is 2/3 then it will be a 9, that way it is the highest card on the table , and if all players get the same card, namely kiu 9 but different variations, then it will be calculated from the largest nominal number, for example a card with a circle of 6/5 and 5/3 then that will come out as a winner and have the opportunity to get a bet.

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