Best Action Figure Recommendations

Nowadays, action figures are favored not only by children, but also adults. The number of models, accessories, and different poses that can be made to make action figures have their own special appeal. Starting from famous figures, anime, manga, or game characters , all of them can be used as action figures .

This time, we will discuss how to recommend action figures . We will also provide a list of quality action figures from Hot Toys, NECA, Hasbro, and so on that are worth collecting. Choose the one you like the most and decorate the room with your favorite action figure !

How to choose an action figure

In order to have the right action figure , you have to know how to choose it. You can make the following points as a reference.

One of the main advantages of action figures is their ability to perform agen poker terpercaya various actions or poses. This will be greatly influenced by the number of articulations or joints in the action figure . The more articulation, the more poses are made. Even so, it is important to remember that over time the joints can loosen up. Moreover, if the joints are frequently moved, of course the articulation will loosen more quickly.

Apart from this, products that have multiple joints will give you the freedom to determine the pose. Therefore, always pay attention to check the articulation.

Action figures on the market have very varied sizes. Size is very important to note, especially related to the location of its placement. Do you want to place it in a glass cabinet, or just put it, for example, on a computer desk? You certainly need to choose a product according to the space available. Even if you don’t plan to open the box , you still need to choose a product that will fit in the available storage.

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Many action figures sold in the market contain one character in a product set. Unit action figures like this certainly give you flexibility regarding the placement area. You’re free to put it wherever you want. The price also tends to be more friendly than products that contain several fruits in one set.

Meanwhile, there are times when you want to collect several characters at once from the same series. For that, you can choose a product that consists of several characters in one set. Indeed, the price tends to be more expensive and requires more storage space. However, you will be satisfied to be able to collect your favorite characters of the same size and artificial quality.

You will find action figures with additional accessories. You can usually easily put these accessories off whenever you want. Weapons, helmets, clothes, and so on will certainly give a different look to the action figures you are displaying. Even so, it is important to remember that the more accessories there are, the more the price increases.

It is undeniable, cool action figures can easily attract attention and make your desire to have them increase dramatically. However, you should buy an action figure in accordance with the available funds. Factors such as size, model, quantity, and so on can cause action figures to have a huge price difference. It could be that one product has a price ranging from hundreds of thousands of Rupiah, while other action figures have a price of millions of Rupiah.

This does not mean that you should always choose products with friendly prices. It could be that you accidentally bought a high-priced action figure to resell at a later date. However, don’t let it interfere with your financial plans, huh! Always make sure to choose a product within your budget range .