Best Beyblade Gasing Recommendations

Beyblade has been around since 1999. The appearance of Metal Saga and Beyblade Burst in 2015 made this game explode again. Beyblade is Takara Tomy’s trademark for his top toy. However, Hasbro also obtained a license to produce it in the United States.

To help you, we will provide tips on choosing the right Beyblade top, as well as recommendations for the best products. There are Gingka Hagane’s Beyblade Pegasus to Cho-Z Valkyrie Zenith Evolution from the Beyblade Burst Turbo series. The original Beyblade will help you become the strongest Blader . So, check out this article so that you have a better chance of winning the duel!

How to choose a Beyblade top

Beyblade consists of components that are put together and make a combo . You can choose to get the best starter pack or go for specific components to build the best combo . Below, we will guide you to get the best starter pack or combo .

Beyblade products have built-in components that make them classified situs judi qq as a certain type. Each type has advantages and disadvantages over other types. Adjust the selection as needed so that your chances of winning are even greater. The following is a detail of each type.

Attack: Aggressive in attacking

The main mission of the Attack type is to finish off your opponent as quickly as possible. This type is designed to move swiftly in the playing arena so as to be able to provide a hard hit. Attack type beyblades are usually relied on to create a Bursting effect on their opponents. The effect is the term for a Beyblade whose components are detached as a result of an impact from an opponent.

However, the rain of attacks from this type can make his speed quickly decrease. If you don’t succeed in eliminating your opponent prematurely, this type can run out of rounds first. Therefore, attack types tend to be successful against stamina types, but are less powerful than defense types .

Defense: The strongest for defensive matters

Defense type beyblades have heavier weight than other types. This weight is useful for reflecting the onslaught of the opponent. Beyblades that are less powerful can actually be thrown from the arena when they hit this type.

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It’s just that the Defense type uses a passive play style. The potential will only come out when this Beyblade receives repeated attacks from your opponent. Therefore, this type is able to make the Attack type lose by knock-out points . On the other hand, Stamina types tend to be able to beat the round lengths of this type.

Stamina: Spin longer than your opponent

The Stamina type is designed to spin for a long time on the arena. The balance allows this type to rotate stably. In fact, the Beyblade with the best stamina could spin for more than 7 minutes.

This potential tends to make this type superior to Defense types . Both play passively, of course the Stamina-type Beyblade will spin longer. On the other hand, this type is vulnerable to being defeated by the Attack type . The defense is not as good as the Defense type so it is difficult to knock out opponents .

Balance: A combination of various types

Beyblade with the Balance type is a product that consists of components of different types. The components of the Attack , Defense , and Stamina types build up this type of beyblade. The Balance type prioritizes a balanced function which makes it useful in a variety of situations.

Products of this type can have advantages over the other three types. The attacks such as the type of Attack , defenses such as the type of Defense , and energy such as type of Stamina . However, since it was not a pure type, it was rare to find an outstanding advantage over a Balance- type Beyblade .

Beyblade components can be combined to become a new combo as long as they are on the same system. Currently, the systems used are Metal System and Burst System . Metal products certainly cannot be combined with Burst products . Therefore, you should choose a system that matches the combo that you will build.