Gude How To Register A New Account Online Pkv Games Agent

Actually, registering pkv poker on this poker gambling site is quite easy, the first step you need to do is to choose one of the best online poker sites that the admin referred to above. Well, after you visit the collection of pkv games gambling sites, then look for the list menu and complete all the fields in the registration form.

NB: Make sure you register (ID) yourself or can be assisted through the customer service site of your choice, so that all account data is safe and protected from chip theft by irresponsible parties.

For how to register for a new account on our chosen agen domino online gambling website, you can do it like the pkv games guide that the admin has provided below:

• Username = Please fill in the username that will be used when logging in to the website (Usually a combination of letters & numbers EXAMPLE: mainmenang008).

• Password = Fill in the desired password (Make sure the password is not too difficult, so that it is easy to remember).

• Password verification = Fill in the password as you just did.

• Full Name = Fill in according to your full name / KTP.

• Contact Number = Please fill in an active mobile number.

• Email = Please fill in the email address that you already have.

• Referral Code = Referral code can be left blank if you don’t have it.

• Bank name = Fill in the type of account or savings that you use.

• Account Name = Fill in what is hung in your passbook.

• Account Number = Make sure that your account number is filled in correctly, so that there are no difficulties when you withdraw funds.

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• Validation Code = Please 4 validation code numbers as stated on the registration form.

That’s a complete guide on how to register a new account at a pkv game dealer that you can apply at the agent of your choice. The hope of the Pkv site admin with this best pkv online poker guide can provide a lot of convenience for friends in registering new IDs anytime and anywhere.

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