Guide and How to Play BandarQ Online Gambling

BandarQ is a mobile bookie game where all players have the right to become a dealer if they have enough money. In the 1000 table there must be a minimum bet of IDR 50,000 then you can just become a dealer. How to play  online poker sites and bookies at any online poker gambling agent is the same way to play the Dominoqq game, the difference is that Domino qq uses 4 domino cards, if bandarq only uses 2 cards.

Domino cards that use consist of 28 cards and each card has a different value. This bandarq game is played by 2 to 8 players and 1 player daftar qq online who becomes a dealer. After the player is given 2 cards, the player is given the opportunity to peek at the card that has been invited to show his card to all the other players on the table.

Furthermore, the calculation will be carried out between the dealer card and the player card. A higher card value wins the game.
– Count the number of cards in the city of circles
on each card on the left and add up to the number of circles on the right, for example: if the total of 2 card circles is more than 9 then the card value is reduced by 10, but if the total online dominoqq value of the 2 card circles is more than 10 then the value cards minus 20

– How to determine the winner in bandarq.
Guide to playing bandarq online if the number of player cards is greater than the dealer, the dealer will pay the player according to the number of online bandarq bets placed by the player, for example: if the number of bookie cards is greater than the player, the dealer will get money from the bet amount placed by the player. The dealer will always win if the number of cards is the same as the player, the player who gets the number of cards 9 then the dealer will pay 2x the bet placed by the player.

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– Procedures for playing bandarq online This online bandarq
game is no different from playing bandarq directly. Players at the table are only required to contest the number of points on the two cards in the player’s hand, if the number of points on the player’s card is greater than the dealer, then the player will win. However, if the number of points on the card is smaller or draws with the dealer, the player will lose.

– The important thing is playing bandarq online
For those of you who are used to playing pkv servers, you must know that there is no jackpot in this online bandarq game. but don’t be disappointed first, because for this bandarq game you will pay 2 times the winnings, if a player manages to get a 9 number card.