Guide on how to play Golden Flower WMCasino

Hello, loyal friends of the Bola168 Guide, of course, many of you are still confused and don’t understand how to play the latest in WM Casino, right? yup the game is Golden Flower. On this occasion, Bola168 Guide will explain for all of you. Listen carefully, my friend ?

To enter the game, you only need to follow the steps below

The game of Golden Flower is also known as Three Card Poker. This game is a Chinese poker game and has unique rules. Golden Flower game is very easy to play and also combines various other games such as Dragon Tiger and Baccarat. This game aims to test the intelligence and luck of the Bandar Sbobet Resmi.

How to Play Golden Flower

This game uses a standard playing card without a joker card agen slot deposit pulsa. 3 cards will be placed in the place of Dragon and Phoenix. Each new round will start. Cards that were previously used in the previous round will be shuffled back into the deck before the new round starts.

In this game there are 7 betting areas (Dragon, Phoenix, Pair 9 Plus, Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, Any Triple).
After the betting time has ended, the dealer will start scanning the cards that have been placed in the Dragon and Phoenix parts to show the player what cards they are. After that the cards in the Dragon and Phoenix section will be competed.

The better card will be the winner.

If the cards contained in Dragon and Phoenix have the same card value then this round will end as a draw. And the system will return the bet that has been bet by the player.
Introducing the Card Tier in the Golden Flower Game
step 5

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The following is the payment for each bet made in the Golden Flower game
step 6

When the player places a bet on the bet above, only the winner will be paid.
1. You place a bet on Flush. When Phoenix gets a Flush and wins, then the player wins and gets paid for the bet.
2. You bet on Straight. when Dragon has a Flush and Phoenix gets Straigh, Dragon wins and the player loses the bet because the Straight the player placed loses to the Flush.
When a player places a bet on Straight or Flush and the winner in this round gets a Straight Flush, then those who bet on Straight and Flush can get paid for the bet.