Guide to playing 1×2 in online soccer gambling

The online soccer gambling game is one of the games that has never disappeared from ancient times until now and continues to develop in the Indonesian community, the development of this one gambling game has entered the largest round of all types of games in online gambling besides being very easy to play also the game is already growing in all other fast-paced countries.

in games that exist in online soccer gambling there are several types of games that are very numerous and easy to play besides handicaps, there are also over / under there are also mix parlays and 1×2.¬†among all that is mentioned here we will discuss the type of game 1×2 or in English people call it (one x two) where this game means we only choose the winning team without the ball market.

the point is that if a soccer bet in general we always see a ball market or fur furan then in this one game without a ball market, only choose who wins and draws.

number 1
it can mean home or host or it can be called home, if we choose 1 then situs bola online it means we choose the host. For example Brazil vs America, then we choose Brazil.

number 2
can mean away or the guest team, for example America vs Brazil, then we choose the Brazilian team that wins the match.

letter x
means you place a bet that will end in a draw, if you place on the letter x means that the match score must end in a draw.

Here we provide a way to calculate the value of the bandar taruhan bola in the 1×2 game, for

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example: Chelsea @ 2.12 with a bet value of IDR

500 thousand 2.12 -1 x 500 thousand = 560 thousand so the bettor will win 560 thousand, 60 thousand bonus is

obtained from the odds value 60 thousand with a capital of 500 thousand.

the higher the odds the bigger the bonus you can get in the 1×2 soccer gambling game and also the mix parlay.

that’s how to play 1×2 online soccer gambling that we provide for all beginner gambling players or gambling players who are very well acquainted with this game.