How to Deposit and Refund Online Poker Sbobet

The terms deposit and withdraw are also related to online betting, including online poker gambling. In simple language this is depositing funds and withdrawing funds in transactions of a gambling player with the online gambling site he plays.

And although many online gamblers are very used to making deposits and withdrawals, there are definitely some gambling players who can’t do both of those things and need help from friends who also play online gambling.

In this article I as the author will tell you how to make a deposit or refund in online poker gambling, which has been popular with Indonesians and even other countries for a long time.

Basic understanding of Sbobet Poker Deposit and Withdrawal Gambling

Deposit is an action where you deposit money into a specific destination account and if in online poker gambling, you will make a deposit to convert your money into chips to play online poker gambling.

While a withdrawal is a withdrawal of previously deposited funds, which in the online poker world you can exchange chips for real Bandar Slot Online.

Procedures for Depositing on the Sbobet Poker Agent Site Correctly

Deposits in online poker are actually simple and easy. The first step is the account number of the online poker gambling agent that is intended to be transferred after previously registering yourself as a user of one of the online poker websites.

In this step you will be shown a form that must be filled in correctly situs judi online slot terpercaya by the online poker site that you will play later.

  1. Fill in the numbers or the amount of funds that you will deposit to be converted into chips later to play online poker gambling.
  2. Click on the name of the bank that you will use, such as Mandiri, BCA or BNI.
  3. Write the name of the account you are using
  4. Write down your account number
  5. For number five you have to write the bank used by the online poker dealer that you are following as an example like the one above
  6. Fill in the account name of the recipient of the deposit that you are referring to and then the account number
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Next is to make sure you have filled in correctly. Check carefully before you press the OK button which will become your deposit transaction. And after you have made a deposit or cash deposit to be exchanged for chips in online poker gambling.

Guide to Withdrawing in Poker Sbobet

To make a withdrawal, it can actually look easy but there are some online poker gambling players who are still confused and here I will explain the procedures for withdrawing or withdrawing funds in online poker.

  1. The first step, of course, you have to log in to the online poker you are playing.
  2. Next, you must enter the withdraw or withdraw funds menu in the online poker gambling home.
  3. Determine the number or amount of money you want to withdraw
  4. Then you must automatically enter the bank data that you registered as an account in the poker gambling being played, that includes your account number, the bookie account name and the bookie account number.
  5. Fill in the same password or password as your login pass
  6. The final step is to click the OK button and wait for the withdrawal funds to enter your account.


You must be correct and thorough in making deposits or withdrawals because the Sbobet poker online bookie will not accept any reason if you enter the wrong account number which means your money will be forfeited. Thus I created this article and hopefully it can help you make deposits and withdrawals in the correct manner in online poker gambling.