How to make a deposit using an OVO account

Is anyone still confused when you want to make a deposit on a gambling website, but you only have a balance in your OVO? Now there is an easy way to use OVO as a transaction tool, of course, it’s the same as transacting at any bank in general. We will explain an easy way so that you don’t end up there and weeks using this digital payment tool. Check out the Bandar Bola Terbesar

How to make a deposit using an OVO account

For all of you who are still confused about how to make a situs judi online slot deposit to the bank account on the gambling website website that you want to play, then please see the method below:

First, please open your OVO application, then LOGIN.
Second, after you enter then select the Transfer Menu

Third, choose the Bank Account Option, then enter the nominal to be transferred.

Fourth, Press Select Bank. Then you can choose your destination bank, after that enter the bank account number that you want to go to. Meanwhile, it is not a problem to fill in or leave the message blank. If everything has been confirmed, then press the Transfer button.

Fifth, check again whether the name of the destination bank, account number or transfer nominal is correct, if it is confirmed that everything is correct, press the Confirmation button.

Finally, enter your OVO account security code and wait for the transaction to be processed to complete. If successful, there will be a notification and the money will go directly to the destination bank account.

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