How to make a deposit

Deposits can be made through the menu list service by filling out the deposit form or confirming to customer service. You can also go through facilities such as livechat and other Messenger that have been provided by asiaidnplay.
Minimum deposit is IDR 10,000, –

Fill in the deposit form according to the nominal that you have transferred.
Example: Your account number is 6000-778-133, if you want to make a deposit of IDR 100,000, – then the nominal value transferred to the deposit form is 100

Topping up can be processed after your deposit funds appear in our bank statement idn poker. Please note the online hours for each bank concerned. If you make a deposit while the bank is offline / maintenance, it will be processed after the bank is online again.

We will not accept any proof of transfer whether in the form of email, photos, screenshots, transfer slips or in any form for deposits made when the bank is offline. Deposits can only be made through a bank account that has been previously registered via the registration form, we will not process deposits made through other bank accounts or not registered in our database.

How To Deposit

  1. After registering and obtaining an ID from our customer service, please go to the asiaidnplay website to log in first.
  2. After logging in to our main website, please make a deposit by transferring funds to our registered account.
  3. Confirm the deposit via the form or via our operator via live chat (Whatsapp, BBM, Line, Wechat)
  4. Please wait for the check in a few moments
  5. Congratulations on trying your luck.
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