How to play Dominoqq and what exactly is Dominoqq

This game originally came from China and continues to grow to all corners of the world, even today this game is still very popular in Asia. At first, this game was only allowed to be played by people with high social status such as aristocrats, landlords and many others. But slowly but surely the dominoqq card game is finally being played among the middle to lower middle class.

This game can also be said to be the most profitable card game when playing card gambling, this game is played using domino cards. Because the development of this card has been so extensive that there have been many variations of the game on this card such as bandarq, bandar66 and many others. But at this time what will be discussed is dominoqq, then what is domino99.

Dominoqq is a card gambling game that is very well known in Indonesia for users of the Pokerv Games card gambling game. Where players will get 4 cards that will have each of the highest logs then the player with the highest logs will win the game but if the player has a special card or card who is played has a level above the highest log cards poker via pulsa so he will win the game.

To play domino99 games, you can play online or play with friends, either by betting or without betting. This game is presented in various media, both online and offline, domino cards will also be available at the nearest warung. and for online media trusted online gambling sites also provide this type of game.

Understanding the special cards from the online DominoQQ game

For the special types of cards in the dominoqq game, there are a number of conditions that can be considered as a special card or a card that is higher than the 99 cards. What are these conditions and what types of special card games are they.

  • Small Pure Card

Small Pure Card is a special card with the lowest level among all types of special cards available, the requirement of a small pure card is that the card that is owned must be no more than 9 circles for all the cards that have been obtained, then players will automatically get a special card small pure that can beat the highest log cards.

  • Big Pure Card
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The Big Pure Card is a special card game with the second lowest level among all existing special card types, the requirement of a large pure card is that the card that is owned must be a total of at least 40 circles, and if someone gets a number of cards up to 30 but he has one card Do not have logs then the card will automatically add up to 0 or the card without logs will be counted as 10 points, so he will get a large pure card with a total of 40 points.

  • Balak Cards

The balak card is a rare special type of card, where the requirement to get a log card is that the number of cards for each card must have the same balak or in other words the first card must have a total of 5 circles and the bottom card of the first card must also have 5 circles and this must be happens the same as on the second and third cards as well as the fourth card where the top and bottom blocks must add up to the same. This card is quite rare but there are other rarer cards such as the 6 god card special card.

  • 6 Gods Card

The highest and rarest special cards as well as the most famous special cards in the game are the 6 god card special cards. This type of special card is considered very rare to get, the 6 gods card is declared the highest special card and none is above the 6 gods card. The condition for this card is that the card must have 4 cards which have a total of 6 cards, or the same as the first card totaling 6 both above and below, and this applies from the first card to the fourth card. Then automatically the 6 gods card as the highest special card has been obtained.

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Dominoqq game is a card game using domino cards which is very fun when played professionally, this card game also relies more on hockey than others, because it is playing sportily, honestly, and not cheating other players.
That is all we can say in the discussion of this article, hopefully what we have discussed can be useful for you.