How to Play Gaple and Tips and Tricks to Win

How to Play Gaple – You must be familiar with the name of this game. Gaple, which is also played using a domino card, is customary for Indonesians to play. How to play Gaple is also very easy for both parents and young people to play. The gaple game in general is very often played when in gathering events with family or friends around. Because this game is also very fun to play.

Guide on how to play Gaple and tips for winning

Once or twice we saw the way we could immediately understand how to play it. However, to make sure you really understand all the rules in this game, our uanggesit team will explain how to play domino gaple to win.

In the gaple game, using a domino card, where 1 domino99 card set consists of 28 cards. Gaple can generally be played with up to 4 players, which means that each player will receive 7 domino cards. Players consecutively to discard cards at the table. Every player who doesn’t have any more cards or runs out, then he is the one who is deemed to be the winner.

However, to make cards we also shouldn’t be arbitrary, we must pay attention to the value or point on the cards we have. The value on one side of the card we have must be the same as the one at the end of the card on the table. As an example of the following picture:

  1. Because the cards are on the table with 5 points, then we have to put in accordance with the 5 point cards we have.
  2. That’s the way to play Gaple. In addition, you also have to know the rules in this game, these rules are as follows.
  3. The maximum gaple game can only be played by 4 people.
  4. Each player who plays each game gets 7 cards with random values
    The first player to run out of cards wins.
  5. The player who manages to win the game, then has the right to start the card first.
  6. If a player gets more than 5 cards. Then the game has the right to be repeated. Because the player will certainly not be able to win. Because this is considered unfair, the game has the right to be repeated
    If the player does not have the same card to throw on the table, then you are declared a pass.
  7. If the game cannot be resumed or all players do not have the same card to play on the table, all players will count their remaining cards to determine the winner. The player with the smallest card value compared to other players will be the winner.
  8. However, if you only have a log card of 0 when a complaint occurs with other players. Then your card will be counted with a value of 25. However, if you still have a card with one side worth 0 then the block 0 will still be worth 0.
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