How to Play Real Money Online Poker

How to play real money online poker  requires 52 playing cards to start. The playing cards consist of numbers, pictures and 4 different symbols, namely As, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King. Whereas the symbol consists of 4 pieces, each card namely ◆, ♣, ♥ and ♠.

Online poker games can be played by two to nine players. But there is also a VIP table from the best idnplay poker agent which limits it to only four players. How to play online poker uses a combination of 5 card combinations to determine rankings.

How to play online poker that is good and correct

To be able to win playing online poker, you must first understand the rules and the working system. What are the rules and how do online poker work? The following is an explanation from pokerqq about how to play online poker properly and correctly.

Online Poker Card Combination Sequences

There are 9 types of card combinations in an online poker game method. The following is judi qq online a ranking list of online poker card compositions starting from the highest to the lowest level.

Royal Flush
5 cards in sequence of 10, J, Q, K, Ace with the same symbol. Royal Flush is the highest ranking card and is quite rare for players to get. You are the newest idnplay poker player   who is very lucky if you get this card because you can get a jackpot of up to 60 million rupiah. An example is 10 ♣ -J ♣ -Q ♣ -K ♣ -A ♣.

Straight Flush
5 cards in sequence with similar symbols. Straight Flush is a card that is quite difficult to get. An example is 4 ♥ -5 ♥ -6 ♥ -7 ♥ -8 ♥.

Four of a Kind
Four of A Kind is a combined arrangement of 4 cards of the same value as 1 free card. An example is 7 ◆ -7 ♣ -7 ♥ -7 ♠ -10 ◆.

Full House
Full House is a combination of Three of a kind cards with One pair. An example is 10 ♣ -10 ♥ -10 ♠ -J ♥ -J ♣.

Flush is a line of 5 cards that have the same symbol. An example is 6 ♥ -8 ♥ -10 ♥ -Q ♥ -K ♥.

Straight is a sequence of 5 cards that are consecutive but have different symbols. An example is 5 ♠ -6 ♥ -7 ◆ -8 ◆ -9 ♠.

Three of a kind
Three of a kind is a combination of 3 cards of the same value as 2 different cards. An example is 6 ◆ -6 ♥ -6 ♠ -8 ♠ -K ♥.

Two Pair
Two pair are 2 pairs of cards of the same value and 1 more card is free. An example is 7 ♣ -7 ♠ -Q ◆ -Q ♣ -10 ♥.

One Pair
One pair is a pair of cards of the same value and 3 different cards. An example is 8 ◆ -8 ♣ -10 ♣ -J ◆ -Q ♠.

High Card
High card is a card composition where no single arrangement occurs. You could say this card arrangement is the worst. An example is 2 ◆ -4 ♣ -6 ♣ -8 ◆ -9 ♠.

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Round in the online poker card game

In addition to studying the best online poker site card arrangements in Indonesia, you also need to know the 4 rounds in each poker card match. That round consists of the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river.

Before starting to enter the pre-flop round, two trusted online poker agent players will place small blind and big blind bets. Usually the big blind amounts to twice the small blind. after that, the dealer will deal two cards to all the players and the game will enter the pre-flop round.


In the Pre-Flop round all real money poker players may increase the bet based on the starting card they get. The third player after the player who places the small blind and the big blind may increase or not the amount of the bet. Or want to resign if you are not sure about the value and strength of the card. Then continue to the fourth player and so on.


In the flop round, the dealer idn poker agent will distribute three cards on the table in an open position so that all players can see these three cards. As in the Pre-Flop round, the remaining idn poker players can start placing bets after the cards are face up on the table. After all the remaining most popular online poker site players place bets with the same value, the game will continue to the Turn round.


In the Turn round, the dealer of the official online poker site will again deal a face-up card on the table. So now on the table there are four cards in an open position.

The best remaining idnplay poker player has the right to determine whether to continue the game or not based on the combination of two cards in the hand and the addition of four cards on the table. It should be noted that at every round of online poker games, all players have the right to increase the bet amount to a value that is greater than the previous player.


This round is the final and decisive in an  online poker game  . In the river round, the dealer idnplay poker will deal the fifth or last card face up on the table. All players will try to estimate their opponent’s card combination based on the large number of bets they have placed.

The remaining players will again start placing bets. Other players may choose to follow or raise bets and withdraw from the match if they are unsure of the card combination they have.

After all the bet values ​​are the same for all remaining idn poker players, all player cards will be exposed. The player with the highest combination of cards is entitled to all the bets on the table.

So many articles about  how to play poker online  from pokerqq guys. Hopefully it can help you beginners to play online poker gambling properly and correctly. Please try and good luck.