IDN Online Slot Member Questions That Become a Mystery

The general scheme for slot players to get the best deal when betting IDN online slots with bigger stakes. Casinos generally place higher payback percentages on high-denomination slot games. As an illustration, the percentage of return on reel 3 will get a higher player when playing with the maximum bet.

How do casinos ensure big bets pay more? Does raising or lowering the bet change the resulting combination? Then can increasing the slot bet also increase my chances of winning slots?

Then what about when the player gets a higher payback percentage and still loses a lot of money. If you bet 10,000 per spin with a 90 percent return, the average loss is 1 thousand per spin.

If you get a 95 percent return but bet 100K each spin, then the average loss is 5K each spin. So with a capital of 100 thousand, the first option has an average loss of 10 thousand Agen Sbobet. While the second option has an average loss of 5 thousand.

However, in the bankroll system you are required to keep bets in a safe range. Don’t bet outside that limit for a higher percentage of return.


How do casinos ensure high slot bets carry high payback percentages? You can do this by increasing the pay table for high-denomination slots. As well as mapping numbers from random number generators to higher paying symbols.

You can also map random numbers so that winning combinations often appear at high denominations. Keep in mind that some slots have disproportionately high payoff, when you are betting a lot.

As an illustration, we use 3 reels for the Jackpot. On the Pay table, you can see the top jackpot of 500 coins with a bet value of 1 coin. Whereas for betting 1 coin does not get 1 thousand coins. But he got 2.5 thousand coins.

From this value it can be illustrated that the overall RTP is higher when the bet value is increased. This picture also applies to progressive slot jackpots for players who qualify for it.

Do players get higher returns with high slot bets while still using the same machine? However, some types of games do not have a significant increase even though the bet value increases.

There is an increase but the value is stable. For example, when betting 1 coin gets 5 thousand coins, for 2 coins the payment is 10 thousand coins. The exception is that some slots increase the value of the bet will open a payout symbol.

As an illustration, you will lose the symbol if you bet 1 coin per line. However, you will be the winner if you bet at least 5 coins per line. Then the player will increase the return Situs Judi Slot Online, for the bettor who made the bet eligible.


The next question is if you bet 500 thousand rupiah per round on the 1 thousand game. As well as betting 500 thousand per spin on a game of 25 thousand of the same suit, is getting the same percentage return?

In most cases at the best slot gambling sites , the higher returns will be on the game of 25 thousand. Even when you use the same bet value. Because most players on a 1 thousand game will use less than 500 thousand per spin.

For example, if the game has 50 pay lines, the player will bet 1 thousand per line, only bet 50 thousand per round. Meanwhile increase the stake to 10 coins per line bringing the total to 500 per spin.

With no drastic increase payouts, the Progressive Jackpot or buy-pay bet 50K or 500K on the same 1K machine yields the same payback percentage. But since high denomination machines are usually installed with higher payback percentages, bettors making the same bet on high denomination machines get good paybacks.

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Another question is that the bettor who uses the minimum value often wins rather than when betting the maximum. Is the RNG programmed to achieve more at the minimum bet?

You could say that the question is part of the illusion of a small sample size. It will even be excluded from play and observation if done long. In this case, the d slot betting pattern doesn’t make a difference. A random number generator that determines no matter how much you bet.

Your bet size does not change the random numbers or the likelihood of a winning combination landing on the payline. With big and small stakes, the odds of seeing winning combinations on a particular machine are the same.

Do the reels change in any way if you bet more or less coins per line? Is there a change in the number of symbols on the reels or the number of high paying symbols on the reels?

No, the slots don’t change the random number assignment to have some symbols appear more frequently as you bet more, or multiple symbols to appear. There are ways to work out what this question suggests, but slots don’t change random number assignments to have some symbols appear more frequently when you bet more, or multiple symbols to appear.


Will the IDN online slot reel change by betting more or less on each line? Is there a change in the number of symbols on the reel or the number of high paying symbols on the reel?

The answer is no, because slots don’t change the random number assignment to make some symbols appear more frequently when betting more or multiple symbols to appear. However there is an opportunity to change it by using the same set of random numbers with big bets as with small bets. And it can be done by changing the way numbers are mapped.

As an illustration, if you bet 1 coin per payline the random number 1 can be assigned to the low payout symbol 10. If you bet 1 coin per line but the jackpot symbol pays high, if you bet 5 coins per line.

Another way is to substitute the aggregate number that the RNG should use. As an illustration, RNG works with 1 thousand numbers when betting 1 coin. Then what about when you bet 5 coins, RNG works with 800 numbers? As well as the 200 omitted numbers that have all been mapped to the low paying symbols. The result is a higher payout combination.

However, please note, there are several jurisdictions that declare this action illegal. Therefore, you must first research, where to bet. It is better to use legal means in each jurisdiction to play.

Can it increase the slot bet to help win more? As explained above, a bigger bet can yield a large percentage return if the pay table is disproportionate. If you move to a higher denomination game or if there is a buy-pay symbol to unlock.

Last of all, the action depends on whether you dare to take high risks or not. However, when you play on IDN SPIN, you will get bonus assistance. Here the role of player preference in making choices. In addition, the strategy used from the start is usually used as a reference for online slot IDN players.