Interesting Things About Sakong Online Game

Interesting things about Sakong Online Game – Are you still confused about how to play the modern Sakong Online game which can be played via cellphone or digital device? You can get to know more about the game of Sakong, which can be said to be a new gambling game with many enthusiasts.

The game of sakong is currently as popular as some of the older and well-known card games. For example, such as poker games, domino qq, dealer q, fight q, capsa susun, ceme, poker bookie and other card gambling games.

Being one of the favorite gambling games is certainly not without reason, where the players have the opportunity to become a dealer in this pocket game. Then what exactly is the game agen poker terbaru of Sakong itself? What are the important things you should know before playing this online Sakong game ?

Get to know various things about Sakong Online Game

Sakong Gambling Game System

Sakong gambling generally uses playing cards in a way that is very easy to understand for all players, even beginners. The way to play Sakong is by using playing cards, which total 52 cards. This type of pocket only requires 3 cards in each game, where you have to combine and compare them.

This is done with cards belonging to other players and those with the highest card that will win absolutely. But before that, you have to place a bet according to the amount of money you want and the amount you want to win. It is the winner who later gets the capital money that the Sakong players have collected.

Sakong Online Game Card Series

As the explanation above, it is said that the way to play the online Sakong game is to use a type of card media called playing cards. However, it should be understood that the rules for using playing cards are very different from ordinary card games, where the highest series of cards used are 3 aces.

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You will be successful in winning gambling if you manage to get 3 types of aces during the pocket gambling round. But that’s not all, you can also win if you get a jackpot with a collection of profitable Rummy cards. You will get this jackpot prize if you succeed in arranging 3 series of cards or 3 series of jackpot card images (Jack Queen Queen, Jack Jack Queen, twin cards).

The twin cards referred to here are made up of jack, jack, jack or queen, queen, queen. You are really very lucky if you succeed in getting and arranging the jackpot of the card, because the dealer will pay up to 2 times the nominal of your bet.

The Value of the Sakong Gambling Playing Card

In sakong, each playing card has a different score value that you must know and understand well before playing. The value of the ace card has a value of 1 for each card, while cards with numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 have a value according to the value of the numbers on the card. It is different with cards with number 10 and also the types of jack, king, and queen cards that have the highest value with a card score of 10.

You should know and understand all information about this online Sakong game . So that this can increase your chances of winning and your success in getting big profits at the best Sakong agents. Make sure you know the ins and outs of Sakong gambling before playing because this is highly recommended.