Myths and Facts about Trusted IDN Poker are Rarely Known to Netizens

Players are often mistaken when asked what is the difference between myths and facts about trusted online IDN Poker. Because at first glance they are certainly almost similar, so it’s natural that you find it difficult to distinguish them.

But without realizing it, myths and facts really affect the mood of players when trying to play on the IDN Poker site. You can call the site with the name SundulPoker .

Of course, it’s a little wrong to interpret it, you can not be interested in the IDN Poker site being played. For example, some say that gambling only makes you lose money. Now that is a myth that is now widely understood as fact due to a lack of literacy.

Therefore, so that you become an IDN poker player who is literate with the information that exists in the world. So I will give the difference between IDN myths and facts. Enjoy!

Myths and Facts about Trusted IDN Poker are Rarely Known to Netizens

Although it still likes being compared to the latest sites that have sprung up on the internet. But IDN Poker itself is an old site that started its business in 2011.

It’s just that now is the second golden age of IDN Poker, after previously being popular with the original money betting system that was pioneered . That’s why if you heard that gambling was only played with fake chip balances, now it’s not that old anymore.

Well, that’s why it’s so important to make the site reliable. Because if not, who wants to register as a member, especially for players who have no experience.

So that you don’t get me wrong again with the IDN Poker site being played Agen Bandar Casino. You also need to know the following myths and facts yourself. As well as answering why it is safe to play.

So keep the following information on!

Don’t Want to Believe This IDN Poker Myth!

There are several myths that develop in Indonesian society. Even though this is not necessarily what happens to all gambling players. Let’s take a peek at what these myths are?

♣ Bring Big Capital Win Big

It is said that if you play IDN Poker gambling with a very large capital, you will get big wins too. Even though it’s not like that, in fact, because only carrying 10 thousand rupiahs can also win tens of millions of rupiah.

♣ Enemies Cheat Fast Profit

Many say that the enemy is cheating and will make quick profits. But those who have tasted the sweetness of gambling will admit that cheating is calamity. Bandar Sbobet Resmi? Well, because a trusted IDN Poker site will block accounts that are cheating.

♣ Wandering BOT Will Not Be Overcome

The public is often mistaken, because they always say that BOT will roam freely on any gambling site. Even though that’s not the case, where the trusted SundulPoker will eliminate traces of machine players who dare to enter the game.

♣ Game Lots of Boredom

Who said that playing a lot of games actually makes you bored. On the contrary, it will make the player experience more and more because they can enjoy any game. Moreover, there is no need to log in and out of a different account if you want to change games. It’s really simple, right?

♣ Big Bonus Cannot Be Earned

Big bonuses can’t be obtained, well, that’s a myth. Because IDN Poker alone gives the same prize as the bonus that appears in advertisements.

♣ Unstable Internet Cheap Server

Don’t believe the myth that a cheap server will give bad and unstable internet quality. The proof is in sight, where IDN Poker with a low minimum capital can provide agile and stable servers.

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♣ CS Serving Depending on Mood

It’s not true! If CS serves depending on the mood. Because every customer service that is presented by IDN Poker must have been strictly selected. So that those who are chosen will serve professionally in any condition.

Those are some of the myths that are often heard in Indonesian society, especially for those who have never touched gambling at all.

9 Complete Facts About IDN Poker Bonafit 2020

Then what are the complete facts about trusted IDN Poker that players need to know? Come on, please read the important points that have been summarized based on the experience of the members.

1. Winning Results Everything Will Be Delivered

All of the winning results will be delivered quickly with no deductions. Because what is used for the withdrawal transaction is a list of trusted Indonesian banks number 1. These banks include BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB Niaga (minimum 10 thousand, maximum 50 million per 1x WD).

2. Do not delay the sending of funds

In fact, IDN Poker gambling never delays the transfer of funds. Because if this happens then the site will be in trouble with the legal institution that launched it. So you don’t need to worry anymore, because in less than 5 minutes the money is sent.

3. Fast, Cheap, Effective Top Up Process

You will get a fast, cheap, and effective top up of capital from a trusted site. Where the deposit type transaction process will be done through the OVO GoPay electronic pocket application and XL and Telkomsel digital pulse services.

4. Giant Multi-Profit Bonus

All the players who attended were also given a large amount of premium bonuses. Of course the bonuses presented include the first 100,000 deposit bonus, 10,000 daily deposit bonus, 0.5% weekly turnover bonus, tournament turnover bonus, 10% referral bonus, and Jackpot.

5. Popular Poker Card Gambling Games

Popular poker card gambling games, both domino and rummy, can be played by IDN Poker players. Which games include Bandar Ceme, Capsa Susun, Mobile Ceme, Omaha, DominoQQ, Texas Holdem, and Super Ten. The excitement of that many games can be accessed using 1 login ID that does not require a VPN or proxy like gambling on other sites.

6. Fairplay Gambling Room Without Cheating

Smallest, Small, Medium, Large, and VIP are a collection of fairplay no bot, no admin spaces that can be occupied by all players without cheating. So it is only fitting that IDN Poker players have a 90% chance of winning.

7. Service Prima 100% Sportif & Fair

The next fact that you have to accept is the excellent service provided by IDN Poker so that those of you who are gambling don’t get confused anymore. Of course, the customer service that is present is 100% sporty and fair. If you want to chat, you can go through live chat, WhatsApp, LINE, and Facebook.

8. Network Internet Connection Without Virus

IDN Poker also provides a network internet connection without viruses and malware that can enter the site. That way all players can continue the game until it’s finished safely and comfortably without being bothered by cyber crime.

9. Official Regulated Gambling Experience

In fact, IDN Poker has successfully obtained permits from various world-standard legal entities, including: PAGCOR, BMM TestLabs, Kominfo. Where are the three bodies that always guarantee your gambling safety in order to still get what you should.

Well, that’s enough for our discussion of the myths and facts of the trusted IDN Poker that are rarely known to netters. See you on other interesting topics. See you later.