People Who Succeed And Get Rich From Playing Gambling

People Who Succeed And Get Rich From Playing Gambling

Playing gambling is now the most enjoyable activity and is also very popular, because gambling is able to provide a very large income. Lots of people who have been successful and become rich from gambling games, they can get this because they know how this industry works and combined with sharp analytical skills.

In this article, we will discuss who are people who have been very successful at gaining wealth in gambling games. All the names on this list are indeed people who have the ability to think above average. Hopefully this article can further motivate you in this gambling activity that you love.

List of People Who Got Rich Playing Gambling

Bill Benterbill benter
Bill Benter is a mathematical genius who was born in 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His expertise in physics allows him to do many things related to gambling. With the game method he created, helping Bill Benter be able to beat a lot of casinos.

Billy Waltersbilly walters
A legend from a true online soccer betting game deserves to be pinned to a Billy Walters. The man who was born in Munford Ville nexiabet, Kentucky is one of the gamblers most feared by online gambling site owners. Because Billy is known to be very crazy and great at placing bets. In a day Billy can earn $ 400,000 worth of money.

Joe Cadajoe cada
The 21 year old boy named Joe Cada is probably a gambler who deserves the title of the lucky man. This title was earned because while playing in the top party of a poker tournament, Joe Cada immediately got a 21 card or blackjack right at the age of he was 21. Joe himself is entitled to $ 8,500,000 worth of money.
Edward E. Thorp Edward E. Thorp
For blackjack gambling fans, who doesn’t know this judi bola online? Edward E. Thorp is the inventor of card counting. The professor, who was born in 1932 in Chicago, first developed a card counting strategy using a simulation designed with an IBM 704 computer. A system that calculates the chance of the next card’s appearance is very useful for novice players to play like a professional.
Dominic LoRiggioDominic LoRiggio
The title “The Man With Golden Arm” is a nickname that is not just a title. Because a man named Dominic LoRiggio is a very skilled dice thrower, even his accuracy in rolling the dice is 90%. In fact, thanks to this expertise, the casino has to issue a rule if someone has rolled the dice 10, then that person has to change the style of rolling the dice.
What We Can Learn From Gambling Success Stories
Do not give up easily
The first important lesson is that we should never give up easily when playing, always trying something new until we get the best is the most appropriate way.
Keep practicing
Most of the success stories above have come from very tough and long training results. Of course for success there is a price to pay, this is what we learn from the story above.
Don’t be lustful
This trait is one that we must learn from an early age, namely lust. Because there have been so many victims who have not been able to withstand this feeling.

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