Preparing the Online Capsa Susun Game for Maximum Results

Preparing the Online Capsa Susun Game for Maximum Results

The popularity of the capsa susun game has increased along with the presence of online bookies. Indeed, gambling in Indonesia has gotten easier since the existence of online bookies. So now, whatever gambling game you want, you can get it through online bookie services. Of course this is very interesting.

The gambling game that is widely played or in great demand lately in the online system is capsa. Previously, this card-based game was rarely played. Only a few people who play don’t even use real money bets like online capsa.

With the existence of online bookies, there are now many new players who want to play the capsa game. If you are one of them, then you must make preparations. Without it, of course you will not be able to play and make a profit. For that, consider the preparations before playing the following capsa.

Make sure you understand the rules of the Capsa Susun game

The capsa susun game is a type of game with card media daftar judi online. The cards used are not dominoes, but playing cards or poker cards. This game can be played by 4 players at one betting table. This of course makes this game even more interesting.

In this game, each player will be distributed 13 cards by the online bookies. If so, later players only need to combine them. Because the player who has the right to win is the player with the best combination. The combination sequence is 3 cards, 5 cards and 5 cards. So there are 3 parts to the combination that must be made.

The card combination used in the online capsa gambling game is the same as the poker combination. So there are 10 combinations, of course, in the same order. If you’ve played poker or have memorized the combination, it’s certainly not difficult anymore to play capsa. agen judi terpercaya, if you don’t know, you must know:

High card combination.
One pair card combination.
Two pair card combination.
A three of a kind card combination.
A straight card combination.
A flush card combination.
Full house card combination.
A combination of four of a kind.
A straight flush combination.
A royal flush capsa card combination.
Already Have Personal Account Number
In addition to knowledge of the rules of the game and mastery of the game, you as a potential player are also required to have an account number. For some of you will be confused and feel this is a form of fraud because you have to use a bank account. However, that is the condition that you must fulfill.

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The function of accounts in online capsa gambling is very clear, namely as a way of transactions. In gambling, of course, you have to place a bet. Because this is an online system, you cannot submit capital directly at the betting table. Therefore, a bank account is required to process bets.

So, your fear of fraud or whatever is not true. Not only limited to capsa, but to play other types of online gambling you also need an account. So, first prepare your account before you can play.

Know the Transaction Procedures
Finally, you as a player must know the transaction mechanism. As said earlier, an account is required to place a bet. This does not mean that every round of play you have to transfer money to the dealer. So you can do what is called a deposit in the form of money. The money will later be used as capital.

Your transfer money will be converted into chips and then used to play. When playing and winning, the winning result will be in the form of chips too. If you want to withdraw it, you can withdraw it. So both deposits and withdrawals are a process that you must know the mechanism if you want to play capsa gambling at online bookies.

So first understand the rules for making deposits and withdrawals if you want to do capsa gambling at online bookies. Because that way, later you can immediately play smoothly. Apart from all this, make sure you make the right bookie selection. Those are some of the preparations that need to be done before playing online capsa susun gambling.