The best online betting agent special promo bonus

As a leading online betting site and officially licensed OGRA Isle of Man (Europe) and also officially licensed from CEZA-First Cagayan (Asia), Sbobet definitely has the most trusted and best agents. The online gambling web that is related to Sbobet itself certainly has many promos and there are also special promos which will certainly make us feel at home betting on the online gambling site.

For those of you who are curious about special promos and bonuses that we can only get on the Sbobet online gambling blog, I will make sure that these bonuses can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Just imagine when you get the bonus, plus the money you get from betting. It will be fun and make you rich Agen Judi Slot Online.

The Most Popular Bonus Promos on the Online Sbobet Gambling Site

  • New Member Special Bonus Up to 25%

Of course, you can only claim bonuses by registering as a member of the situs judi online slot terpercaya online gambling agent site. Requirements to withdraw this bonus, we must reach 4x credit from the deposit. Example: You make a deposit of 100,000, then you can withdraw this 25% bonus when your balance reaches 400,000. If so, you will get 25,000 from this bonus which makes your balance 425,000.

  • Special 5% Cashback Bonus Online Casino Gambling & Online Agile Football Gambling

This bonus will usually be calculated once a week, where the Sbobet online gambling agent will accumulate the total loss of the week and multiply by 5%. For example if we experience a whopping 2 million during the week then we will get 100,000.

  • Special 5% Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus that old members can get. Requirements to get this bonus, we must make a minimum deposit of 100,000 and have a balance of at least 4x of the deposit to be able to withdraw this bonus. So you have to have a balance of around 405,000 to be able to withdraw it. The maximum bonus itself reaches 2,000,000 which is certainly very tempting isn’t it.

  • Friend’s 5% Cashback Bonus
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This is a bonus that we can get just by bringing in new members. The online gambling agent Sbobet will then accumulate the total loss of your friends for one month. Example: Your friend loses 10,000,000 in a month so we can multiply the total loss by a 5% cashback bonus and you will get 500,000.

How? Do you still need to think about playing online gambling on the Sbobet online gambling site. What are you waiting for, register yourself and create an online gambling account through trusted Sbobet agents.

Register for a Sbobet Gambling Account is Guaranteed to Get a Big Bonus

Basically, the requirements for creating an online gambling account at a Sbobet betting agent are very easy. First you have to choose a trusted Sbobet online gambling agent. The second step is to prepare your valid personal data such as name, cellphone number, email.

Then you also have to have a bank account, because that will be your transaction route with the Sbobet online gambling agent web. If everything is done, you only need to wait for confirmation from customer service to validate your online gambling account. After this process ends, all you have to do is make an initial deposit so you can start betting.

So many articles that I gave today about the special promo for the best online Sbobet gambling agent. Hopefully my writing is easy for you to understand and I wish you luck while gambling and getting the special promos above.