The game of Kolok Kolok gambling is legendary in Indonesia

This Kolok Kolok gambling game is very legendary in Indonesia. But many don’t know about this one gambling. This kolok kolok game is played by being barked by the dealer in one person. This gambling has six pairs consisting of leaves, jars, moons, crabs, fish and invites. These six couples are sometimes attracted by the people of Indonesia outside the city and inside the village. However, this gambling must also be careful in playing it. Because this gambling also has a lot of ghosts in installing it. Because this game can only be played in a certain place.

This game if you want to be safe there must be one person guarding it in a place. For example, the person who guards outside the place if anyone is suspicious just sends an sms to the townspeople who come to see the game of tricks. I have seen if in the village they shake his kolok-kolok on the big day. It’s safe to install or play because it’s a big day. Once a year to be celebrated. To find out the payment let’s see further In this game if you mesang in 1 door with an example of 5000rb in place of fish. This kolok kolok game is daftar situs poker idn online terbaik very straightforward in Kalimantan which is played like shaking a dice. By using a paint place and three dice made of bamboo and pictured to the six doors to install it.

There are three dice, we only pay attention to whether the three dice have a picture of a fish. It turns out that there is so your payment is 5000 thousand too. if there are three dice then the pay is 15,000 rb because it is x right 3. It’s not easy to play this game. For example, if you put a line like fish and crabs with 5000 thousand rupiah. If in the three dice there are fish and crabs, the pay is 20,000 rb and your capital means 25 rb. If you install 3 sample lines of crab, fish, invite the dice there are three “, then the pay is 35 thousand with the same capital.

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Very unique, not in installing this kolok game. Usually on Chinese New Year this gambling is everywhere and it is legal to install it. Safe and secure in playing this gambling. Even now, these kolok gambling are available on online gambling sites. And quite a few don’t know this gambling. Because this game has been around for a long time, it is also busy playing it. Sometimes I queued back to install it. But as time goes by, this game is already tight for the community to play. Because this game has a lot of ghosts too. Once reported this gambling to the police. The police immediately handled it and arrested the dealer. Therefore, in online gambling there are already games. Safe to play and no fear “again to install.

If you play on an online gambling site there is a bonus from that site. Often times on online sites players are looking for cashback bonuses, deposit bonuses, referral bonuses and also roll bonuses for casino games. Unlike the land-based game, there are no bonuses. But the dealer only gives money to the guards who have helped him maintain his safety while playing. The bonuses on online gambling sites also have requirements. for the total cashback bonus, the total loss is calculated in one week, the minimum loss in 1 week is 500 thousand x 5 percent, now that is what the member will get.

There are no bonuses to play a land dealer. Because there is no system for distributing these bonuses. You can only drink from the city and the facilities are provided. The important thing is that people are comfortable and comfortable when they play. Win and lose business back. The important thing is to enjoy and lose is also a common thing. Winning even sleeping soundly is a gamble. Hopefully this article is useful for these members and the community. Send regards for success.