These are the developments and types of slot games

These are the developments and types of slot games

Slots gambling is a type of casino game that has many fans. Different from other games, this one gambling is played by using a machine that can move when the pull lever is pulled to play the slot. This slot machine is square, tall and also large and has a unique calculation system called RNG or Random Number Generation. As we all know, this slot gambling game doesn’t require a lot of capital to be able to play this game, if you are lucky you can get a lot of profits or what is commonly referred to as a jackpot.

For example, if you have 100 thousand, you can get a profit of up to 1 million, so it’s no wonder people prefer slot machine gambling games over other bading games. Slot games have been around since 1895 made by San Francisco, American Charles Fey. At first he only made slot machines using an iron mold that had 3 illustrated rolls, namely diamonds, hearts and shovels, this game was arranged with a lever on the side to rotate the image.

Slot Game Development

Slot games have undergone many developments from time to time. As mentioned above that this machine was first made in San Francisco by Charles Fey. He was a German-born man who worked as a mechanic at the time and was trying to complete a coin-receiving device project. In the following year he tried to perfect his findings to make it work faster. He saw that opportunity and took advantage of it to try to create more slot machines to market.

Charles gave the name Liberty Bell for the machine he modified and the specialty of this slot is that it has 3 reels with six different images (Liberty bell, spade, heart, diamond, star and horseshoe). Another slot machine created by Charles is the Draw Poker slot machine which has the advantage of having 5 reels with an image display of playing cards where there are images of spades, hearts, curls, and diamonds. However, in 1906 there was an earthquake in San Francisco that destroyed all the existing buildings and only 4 Liberty Bell slot situs slot terbaik were left.

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As time went by, this slot machine was copied by a slot production entrepreneur Herbert Mills in 1907. The slot machine that was successfully made was the Fruit Slot Machine, as the name suggests this slot game used a fruit image as the slot machine logo at that time. In addition, another added feature is the Jackpot. At that time, this game suddenly became popular among the people in the area and was considered a gambling tool.

The spread of slot machines continues to grow from time to time, even though many places prohibit playing them. In 1919-1930 it was growing and could not be stopped and many people called it the Golden Age of situs judi slot. Over time, an electromechanical slot machine named Money Honey was created in 1964. This machine has the advantage of being able to give prizes if you get the same picture without having to be watched by the game provider automatically.

Along with its development, several online entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to develop their business online, including slot machines that are presented online. Online slot games were started and inaugurated by one of the slot game service providers in the Caribbean around 1994.The company that launched the slot game called Microgaming, this change was even more perfect with the release of the Internet gaming club in 1995 and also Intercasino in 1996.