These Offline Games Are Not Less Fun With Online Games, You Must Try them!

For today’s society, playing games is one of the activities that must be done when you have free time. Playing games is considered a very fun activity because of the excitement it offers and the satisfaction that can be obtained when playing.

For some people, playing games is also an effective activity to get rid of boredom from monotonous daily habits. Therefore, it is not uncommon for children and adults to have a hobby of playing games.

The devices for playing games nowadays are also quite diverse and easy to obtain. You don’t need a special console like Playstation or Xbox, you can easily vent your hobby of playing these games via your smartphone or personal PC.

What’s more, the quality of graphics and gameplay in games on smartphones is growing rapidly. In fact, there are not a few smartphone games that offer the same quality and excitement as playing high-level console games.

Well, the choice of games on your smartphone device also has two different types, namely online games and offline games. Even though they have the same goal, namely to release fatigue, the two types of games have several significant differences, you know. For that, for those of you who don’t understand the difference between online games and offline games, see the following explanation.

Difference Between Online and Offline Games

In short, what distinguishes online games and offline games is the need for an internet connection to be able to play these games. For online games, you need to have a smooth internet connection to be able to play them without interruption.

Usually, online games adhere to a real-time game system which requires players to have a good internet connection so that the game experience is not interrupted. You will also usually be given the freedom to interact with other players at the same time.

Without an internet connection, online games cannot be played by the players. So, make sure to have a reliable internet connection so that the excitement of playing your online games is not interrupted.

On the other hand, for offline games, you can play these types of games without having to be connected to an internet connection. Usually, the game direction of online games is more structured and has a situs poker online more prominent storyline.

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Because you are not connected to an internet connection, you as a player will only meet NPCs or non-playable characters. This NPC, or computer player , might later be able to help you complete the assigned mission.

Even so, offline games still have quite a number of fans. This is evidenced by the fact that many game makers launch games that do not require an internet connection. So, for those of you who have or are starting to like offline type games , there are still many game titles that can be played.

Today’s Best and Best-Selling Offline Games on Smartphones

Although the number of players is not as many as online games, offline games still have many fans who regularly play these types of games. There are many offline game titles that can captivate players’ passion for quite a long time. Of course, the excitement you can get when playing is not inferior to online types of games.

1. Temple Run

For those who like smartphone games , you may be familiar with a game called Temple Run. This game that carries the endless running genre was once loved by smartphone users . With downloads reaching 500 million times, you can play this offline game for free on your handheld device .

2. SoulCraft

Furthermore, there is a game with the genre of Role Playing with the title SoulCraft. For offline game lovers with exciting gameplay and good graphics, you must have this game on your smartphone . Apart from being free, SoulCraft only weighs around 43 MB which is certainly safe to play on your cellphone .

3. Legendary Warrior

In harmony with the SoulCraft, no offline games ber genre together with the title Legendary Warrior. When playing Legendary Warrior, you are tasked with defeating hordes of monsters that can give you coins to increase your strength. Of course, this offline game can provide fun to play that is not easy to feel boring.