Tips and tricks on how to play Capsa Susun for beginners

This time we will discuss tips on how to play capsa susun for beginners. In the capsa game each player will be dealt 16 cards, and the players work to arrange the 13 cards into the best hand to be pitted. Capsa cards will be distributed into 3 rows. However, the lowest card arrangement must have a combination value that is greater than the card in the middle position, likewise the middle card must have a higher combination value than the top card.

Before entering the trick stage of playing capsa susun. It would be nice for us to understand the arrangement of capsa stacking card combinations from the smallest to the highest.

Pair: This card is a card combination that has a pair of twin cards. Pair 2 is the lowest pair with the same value. Then the winner will be selected from the highest type of flower.

Double Pair: A double pair is the arrangement of two pairs of cards accompanied by 1 random card. If both players have the same card double. Then the determination of the winner will be seen from the biggest pair then seen from the development. Example “If player A has cards K-K-8–8–4 while player B has cards 9–9–7–7-A then the winner will be won by Player A.

Three of a Kind: this card is 3 cards that have the same number. The remaining two cards are random cards.

Straight: This card is a combination of cards with consecutive numbers. This situs blackjack combination does not require the same type of flower. The determination of the winner even if the straight meets the straigh is determined by comparing the largest card value of each player.

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Flush: It is a combination of 5 cards with the same flower but does not need to be in rank. This combination will compare which flower is higher. The flower combinations from highest to lowest are: spades, hearts, curls, diamonds, while the highest to most beautiful card values ​​are: A-K-Q-J-10–9–8–7–6–5–4–3–2. If the flush meets the flush too, it will be compared first with the type of flower you have. If you have the same flower then the winner will be determined from the card value owned by the player.

Full House: This card is a combination of pair and three of a kind cards. The order of the full house card combination is determined by the value of three of a kind. If the full house of the 3–3-Q-Q-Q card this card is the full house of the Queen. If you meet a full house 3–3–10–10–10 combination then the Queen full house will be the winner.

Four of a Kind: It is a combination of cards that have the same number and are equipped with 1 different card.

Straigh Flush: Is a sequence of consecutive card combinations with the same flower. However, the card is not determined starting from any number. For example: 4–5–6–7–8 with the same flower.

Royal Flush: It is the arrangement of the highest card combination with consecutive numbers starting from number 10 and having the same flower. For example: 10-J-Q-K-A with the same flower color.