Tips and Tricks to Win at Gaple Games

Many players initially play carelessly in throwing gaple cards. Even though this is very fatal to do because it can make you experience defeat. We should be able to win the game, on the contrary. If you are interested in this game, then you must know the tricks to play professional gaple to win the game.

If you fight a player who has no knowledge or doesn’t know the trick of playing this gaple. We guarantee that you can easily beat other players. Here are tricks for playing Gaple in a professional manner that have been proven effective.

1. Observe the Cards You Have

At the beginning of the gaple game, each player will be dealt 7 different domino cards randomly. If you get 5 cards with the same number then you have a high chance of winning. Example of 5 cards with one side having the number 1 as follows. 1–0, 1–2, 1–5, and 1–6. Because if you have 5 cards numbered 1 on one side. Cards with number 1 only have 2 left. So when number 1 comes out on the table, other players domino qq will tend to pass because the card is mostly in your hand.

But try to always cover the cards you have or act as a professional player. Don’t make an expression as if you have a supporting card.

Here’s an accurate example:

As in the example above, the cards on the table have edges with the numbers 5.1 and 1.0. If your position is holding a lot of cards with number 1. Then don’t close with number 1. But try to keep the end number 1. Remember this strategy carefully. Because this is one of the best ways to play Gaple which is very effective.

2. Prioritize Always Throwing Big Cards or Balak at the Beginning

When the Game starts and the cards are dealt to you. Think of always issuing log cards or big cards at the beginning of the game, because this is very risky. If you are holding a log card such as 6–6 or 5–5 immediately discard the cards at the beginning. Turning off the card means that the card cannot be thrown away.

If you discard all high cards or log cards and only have small cards, the chance of winning the game is even greater.

3. Kill Opponent’s Chain of Cards

If you don’t have a high logs card, then immediately turn off the card on the table. So that the opponent cannot discard his card on the table. so that it will continue to be held until it gap by. Because if logs 0.5 and 6 die, then the player holding the card will automatically lose because they have a very large amount. By getting rid of competitors, of course it will make it easier for you to win.

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To kill a log card, you have to close the card you want to kill. For example, if you want to cover 6 logs, then try to keep the card on the table not ending with the number 5. Or you can immediately close the card that ends with 6 with another card. This is so that other players don’t have the opportunity to issue logs 5. Even though this one-way cassava strategy is very difficult to do, you still have to try it. Because cards 5 and 6 have a very big impact at the end of the game.

The reason it is difficult to kill an opponent’s card is because doing this is quite difficult and requires the cooperation of friends. For example, if you close the number 6, but the other players discard the card that ends in 6 and in the end the usahamua is in vain.

4. Pay attention to cards that have been discarded

This strategy is one of the ways to play cassava which is very important if you want to win. Always try to pay attention to what cards other players have discarded. Because if you pay attention to what cards have been discarded. You can find out other players’ cards.

The formula for calculating cassava cards is actually very easy. For example, if you hold 4 cards that have the number 3 and already 3 cards with the number 3 on the table. If you discard the card that ends in number 3. It means that all players can only pass. Because you are the only player who holds cards with the number 3. That way the cards in your hand will run out faster than your competitors. Because they can’t discard any cards and can only wait for you to discard cards other than 3.

Those are the ways and guidelines for playing cassava that you need to know. This game is played with domino cards, you can read other articles that we have provided such as 7 fatal mistakes that often occur in online card games.