Tutorial on Predicting the Online Football Gambling Market

Hello everyone, of course I’ll see you in a useful article for everyone. On this occasion, we can read the guidelines for trusted soccer gambling sites regarding methods of reading the online soccer betting market that is possible for seniors. It’s bright as a daily snack, and all in all there is a hitch for beginners. Please watch it together so that we know and know clearly.

In our guidelines reading the online football betting market this opportunity starts with many cues when the competition starts.

After that, look at the hours given. Normally this is GMT + 7 for Indonesia WIB which can be watched all over the world. For some, the club selling Bulu is indicated by the red color and the high odds value at the trusted credit deposit betting agent in red and the minus agen casino online terpercaya  is the club used by Kei (tax).

Online Football Gambling Market

HDP (Handicap)

Thus, for most cases Kei numbers are displayed in black or red. This means black installing what you install in case you lose, you pay for something you installed initially, but if what you situs slot terbaik install wins at a trusted sbobet agent, you can earn more than that amount. What you love depends on the available training.

Wear it with Black Kei, 1,110 Kei / 100,000 bet, pay 100,000 if you lose, 100,000 x 1,110 = 111,000 if you win.

If it is red you bet if you win you pay what you sacrifice, but if you lose you have to pay more than you sacrifice, equal to the odds.

Red Kei, Kei -1.110 and 100,000 pair / bet, if you win you get a payment of 100,000, but if you lose you have to pay 100,000 x -1,110 = 111,000.

The average HDP column found on the most complete soccer gambling site written by Fur’s is 2-2.5 and clubs selling fur generally have a red color with a win ratio of -1.110 on the side. They say if you enter Brazil you can get Kei -1.030 and there is a number on the bottom side. This means that the betting partner can bend at Kei -1.050.

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If you decide to install Brazil 100,000 only, click -1.030 then enter the number 100 in the displayed column.

If the final competition score is 3-1 you only lose 1/2 your bet because Furan has 2-2.5 with a difference of two goals and the calculation is 100x 1.030: 2 = 51.5.

This also means that if you win, you can receive 1/2 of the value of your bet / bet and you must have at least three goals in the competition to win all of them, therefore you can receive the winnings of all games played on trusted soccer betting sites.

O / U (Over / Under)

If it is above or below, below the O / U column there is an O / U ratio of 3-3.5. This means that if you bet on Over, therefore the total number of goals in the competition must be 3 or maybe more, but if the score is 3-0 you can lose half the value of your bet / bet.

Therefore, this is a contradiction to Over, where the total number of goals must be less than 3 if it is under, but with only three goals you can receive 1/2 your bet / bet.

O / E (Odd / Even)

As an Odd / Even (Even / Odd) betting pair to see the final result at Indonesia’s biggest online soccer bookie is Even or Odd in two club competitions, other calculations such as HDP and Kei counts are the same.

HDP 1 × 2

1 × 2 is the possibility of winning, drawing or losing. Click the possibility to place your bet.


This is the meaning (first phase / full time) and is combined with the results of the 2nd phase after the results of the first phase of the competition are guessed.

This is a guideline regarding the method of reading the betting market at a trusted real money soccer gambling agent where you can increase your perspective and knowledge. You will see when you write another useful article.