Understanding and Steps to Play the 1 × 2 Market in Online Football Gambling

The 1 × 2 market is a fairly popular market provided by most of the important online football bookies in Europe. How to play soccer betting on the 1 × 2 market is actually very easy. You only need to select [1] [x] or [2]. Each of which has its own meaning.

To make it easier, we take an example of a soccer bookie that is quite popular in Indonesia, namely Online Soccer Gambling. Since this AFBsport football bookie existed and grew in Indonesia in 2004, they have continued to increase new markets such as 1 × 2. And until now, AFBsport remains one of the soccer betting providers which is thus realized in Indonesia.

While playing on the 1 × 2 market, you should know the meaning first.

Market Meaning 1 × 2
Each in 1 × 2 represents your choice of online bet Agen Bola. The parable

  • 1 means you place the winning home team (home)
  • x means you place a draw
  • 2 means you place the away team who wins (away)

So simple, right? All you have to do is guess the result of a win situs judi casino or draw match. The result of the match is from the kick off whistle until the end of the second set or what can be called the normal time of 2 × 45 minutes. What is interesting is that this market does not have a voor, among them the teams that are seen are not favored. This market looks easy to win. But usually the bookie does not give high odds for this Market.

How to play on the Market 1 × 2

To play on this Market, you can enter with several soccer betting tutorial blogs from AFBsport bookmakers, sbobet, and so on. Anywhere you can because most of the bookies are currently preparing for this 1 × 2 market.

But to be more secure, we recommend the football agent site which is officially the agent of the AFBsport bookie and the most trusted sbobet in Indonesia. After you register and get an account, please log in at the dealer of your choice.

Then see an example like the image above. For example, there is a Barcelona match against AC Milan. You can click 1, x or 2 to place a bet.

From the market, it can be seen that Barcelona is the home team because they are on top. And AC Milan is the guest team because they are at the bottom. In this case, if you are championing Barcelona, ​​please select column 1, if you predict this match will be a draw, please select column x, and if you predict AC Milan will win, select column 2.

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For example, you are championing Barcelona to win. Just click 1.29. That is the value of the odds (the market odds value 1 × 2 usually follows the EURO Odds) then fill in your bet on the left side (for example, you placed a 100k bet.

How to calculate the Market 1 × 2

After the match was over, it was found that Barcelona won 3-1. How many wins will you get? That’s the calculation.

The formula for calculating the market winnings 1 × 2 is (odds – 1) x number of bets. In this case all odds need to be reduced by 1 first.
– (1.29-1) x 100 = 29 k.

Your winning prize is 29 rb. And if the Barcelona game loses or draws, so you lose 100 thousand. As this Market is quite predictable, the odds quoted are not that high. Until the prize you get is also nothing compared to your bet value. But if you put it in a few matches it will be enough in the end.

Double chance Market 1 × 2

Double chance means almost the same as the 1 × 2 market. The difference is that you can play on more than one occasion. You can choose from the following opportunities:

  • 1x which means the home team wins or draws.
  • 12 which means the home team and the away team draw.
  • x2 which means the home team wins or the away team wins.

In the double chance market you can choose two match opportunities. Examples are as follows.

In a match you choose 1x so you have two chances to win, namely:

The home team wins means you win. Your series
competition wins too.
The visitors win you lose.
If you choose x2 you also have two chances to win, namely:

The home team wins means you lose.
Your tie wins too.
The visitors win you lose.
If you place Market 12 and the match result is a draw. So you are said to have lost.